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 Big news HG SS

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PostSubject: Big news HG SS   Wed Sep 09, 2009 8:30 am

If this isnt enough news in one time, i dont know it anymore, well the news starts with a guy in japan, who already OWNS SS, he posted pics, and it is real, there is also some other news, which I will tell you guys now, it is about the starters, about the legends and some other news...

Well start of with some small news:
- Pal park is back, on the place of the originally Kanto Safari Zone
- You can trade with Diamond/Pearl/Platinum as soon you get your pokedex in Johto
- Snorlax is back before digglet cave at lv 50
- Red is back in Mt. Silver, with a slightly diferent team
- The first Rocket executive you fight is called Lance
- You get a battle recorder early in the game

Well over to the starters i think, when you first start your journey, professor Elm gives you a choice of:
- Chikorita
- Cyndaquil
- Totodile

When you are in Kanto, and you defeated 16 gym leaders, you show your 16 beautiful badges to Prof. Oak, and he gives you a choice of these three starters:
- Bulbasaur
- Charmander
- Squirtle

And when you, as a brilliant trainer, go to Mt. Silver with your new Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, you will battle Red, then you go to Saffron City and in the Sliph Co. you get from a guy, a choice out of these three beautiful pokemon:
- Treecko
- Torchic
- Mudkip

Well because of these Hoenn starters, there wont be a Ruby/Saphirre DS remake anymore, maybe for a later game system, we will see.
Well after this starter information, I will get to the Legendarys:

Well the thing you know is that Lugia and Ho-oh are catchable in both games, at the Whirl Islands, and the tin tower, on SS lugia is 45 and in HG ho-oh is, you get them after obtaining Rainbow Wing/ Silver wing at Goldenrod Radio Tower.
The other bird, which is not your version mascotte, is able to catch when you get to Pewter City and get one of the wings from a guy there, then you go the Tin tower/ Whirl Islands and catch the bird at lv. 70.

Suicune is different from earlier, you first free him in the burned tower, then he gets to several places in the Johto world and later Kanto. You MUST remember these locations to battle Suicune, well here they are in the good order:
- Burned Tower
- Ab

ove Ciandwood City
- On route 42 between Ecruteak and Mahogany, underneath Mt. Mortar.
- Vermillion City
- Route 14
- Outside Bill's house, on route 25 (battle him)
On route 25 you battle Suicune at lv. 50.

Next, the three Legendary Birds, all three capturable in Kanto at lv. 60. Articuno is located on Seaform Island, this means, that Blaine might be on Cinnibar Island again, and we wont see a beautiful erupted volcano:| anyways, Zapdos is located in the Power Plant ones again, they must have changed the story line, when you have to find a par of a machine in the power plant. The last bird, Moltres, is located in Silver Cave/Mt. Silver.

There is another Kanto Legend, Mewtwo so to speak, he is catchable when you cleared the storyline, so defeat Red I think, and get all badges, he is at lv. 70 in Cerulean Cave.

Here are Groudon and Kyogre, nearly everything was known about them, only this wasnt, when you get to route 27 (the route from Johto to Kanto) you get the Red/Blue orb depending on the game red for SS, blue for HG. When you have the orb, Groudon/Kyogre is located in the cave west of ciandwood.

The other Hoenn mascotte is Rayquaza, also at lv 50 just like the other two, when you catch both in one game, you go to Prof. Oak and get the Green Orb, you get to the same game once again and there is Rayquaza.

There's nothing new to be told about Giratina, Palkia and Dialga, though here is a nice pic of the shinto ruins;P

Here we go to the Roaming pokemon, we already know about Entei and Raikou, release them at Burned Tower, roaming in Johto, and find them at lv. 40.

There are two other Roaming Pokemon, who are roaming in Kanto, when you get the National Dex, Latios and Latias are in Kanto at lv 50.

Well after this some small news about the pokemon of Falkner and Bugsy.
Falkner's team:
- Pidgey lv 9
- Pidgeotto lv 13

Bugsy's team:
- Metapod lv 15
- Kakuna lv 15
- Scyther lv 17

Well after all the information I gave, are here some pics who are made by the new owner of SS.

Well the end of this news, updates are comming soon I guess

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Big news HG SS
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