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 A suggestion to increase activity.

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The Great Random
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Owner spc

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PostSubject: A suggestion to increase activity.   Mon Aug 06, 2012 4:24 pm

Well i've been thinking on how to revive these forums, and well the only thing I can think of is.......

A Pokémon Destiny Grand Tournament

Due to the fact that the tournament part of the forums have a lot of views, some totalling over a thousand.

The ins and outs:
- Have say a week or 2 signup period then carry the tournament out after enough participants have joined for a tournament (maybe 4?)

- Don't wait to long so that people get bored and withdraw.

- Have limitless number of entries (within reason) by this I mean say in total 6 people join, we have 2 quarters (one on each side of the table) and then a person who (after having their name drawn out of a hat/ randomly number generated) bypassed the quarters plays the winner in the semi's. If that needs clarification i'll draw a really (word censored) picture.

- The only conditions to joining the tournament is that you stay active on the forums from when you sign up to the tournament untill it starts (tell them they need to do so, so that they don't miss out on the launch date)
- Also they need to be members on the forum (obvious) .
- The tournament should be standard in rules, no ubers no sleep clause yadda yadda (some one write that list up)
- IT should take part on Pokémon online. Why? well it makes it a lot easier to use / spectate incase of cheaters and it makes it more accessible to people that don't own wifi or perhaps their DS doesn't connect to the wifi. Also it makes it so that it can be recorded and put on the PDC YouTube! (Plus I reaaaaally wanna be in it but I can't be bothered to set up my wifi)

- There should be a reward for the victor (as with every tournament) and that part im stumped on, maybe a special banner to put on you're signature that only the winner gets AND something else like an in game item(depending on rarity)/shiny/Pokémon (any level/ EV trained) in any Pokémon game they choose that can connect to wifi or something else they can have if they don't have wifi or prefer, say maybe a Pokémon on Pokémon moon.

Of course to make it work, we need to work our little arses off and advertise..

Yeah so thats my idea, originally I wrote this out and it was a wall of text but I condensed it and made it easier on the eyes to follow (except for the bit about the amount of people but that confused me)



God i love Gliscor
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The Founder of the site
The Founder of the site

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PostSubject: Re: A suggestion to increase activity.   Tue Aug 07, 2012 11:34 am

I completely agree with this ^^ We need to set conditions first. Clauses mainly

And i shall give and make the prizes.

1st place: 3 EVD and IVD Pokémon of choice+Special rank button with any poke you want in it
2nd place: 3 shinies
3rd place: An EVd Pokémon

Well, as you know more about this, random, i think you can create a tourney topic :3

Pm me or make a thread in suggestions section for anything you want!


-More images!

-PDCW 22% Complete!

-Vote for more in the suggestions section


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A suggestion to increase activity.
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