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 Mike's Pokémon Journey Season 2 Episode 2: Give it a Whirlipede!

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PostSubject: Mike's Pokémon Journey Season 2 Episode 2: Give it a Whirlipede!   Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:36 pm


Mike: Rio, here we are! The Unova region!

Juniper: Burgh!
Burgh: Iris.......Plasma.....

Mike: I choose Gabe the Oshawott!
Gabe: Oshaaaa!


Mike: Gabe, Rio, let's head inside!
Rio: Riiiioluuu!
Gabe: Wooooottttt!

(inside the building)

Mike: AH-HAH! There you are!
???: Hm, it seems you've found us here. I told the master that having our hideout RIGHT NEXT to the Pokémon gym was a bad idea....
Mike: Who are you?
???: I am Gorm of the seven sages.
Gorm: It appears that you are a Pokémon trainer. We need you out of here for our plans to proceed......
Mike: What Plans?! TELL ME YOU OLD MAN! And what have you done with Iris?!
Gorm: Grunt 76, where is the girl?
Grunt 76: She has fainted, my lord. She is up on F59.
Gorm: Excellent. Did you get the item?
Grunt 45: Sadly, she doesn't have it, my lord. It appears to be gone.
Grunt 45 and 76: YES SIR!
Mike: Hold on, back it up. What's the item that Iris has? What the heck are you doing in Castelai City?!
Gorm: You shall learn of our plans later. For now, you will be gone from this place.
Mike: I'll never leave!
Gorm: Very well. Whirlipede, show them to the door.
Whirlipede: WHIIIIIIIR!!!
Mike: Oh gosh!
Pokedex: Whirlipede, the Curlipede Pokémon, evolved from Venipede. Protected by a hard shell, it spins its body like a wheel and crashes furiously into its enemies.
Gorm: MUAHAHAHAHA prepar yourslef small boy!
Mike: AAAAH!!!



Mike: What happened?
???: Ha! Seems that was easy!
Mike: Iris?!
Iris: The one and only!
Mike: What happened just now? Was that you?
Iris: That was my friend Fraxure! Nice Dragon Rage, Fraxy!
Fraxy: Reeeeaaaar!
Pokedex: Fraxure, the Axe Jaw Pokémon, evolved from Axew. Since a broken tusk will not grow back, they dilligently sharpen their tusks on river rocks after they've been fighting.
Mike: Pretty impressive.
Gorm: My Whirlipede! You won't get away witht thiiiiis!
*smoke ball*

Iris: Oh, they're gone. Oh well.
Mike: Are you okay?
Iris: Oh, I'm fine. I just faked being knocked out to trick em'. It was easy.
Mike: Oh, we better get out to Proffeser Juniper to make sure you're okay.

MIGHT come back :3
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PostSubject: Re: Mike's Pokémon Journey Season 2 Episode 2: Give it a Whirlipede!   Wed Jun 15, 2011 2:27 pm

Yey, waiting for you next comic to see what happens ^^

Pm me or make a thread in suggestions section for anything you want!


-More images!

-PDCW 22% Complete!

-Vote for more in the suggestions section


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Mike's Pokémon Journey Season 2 Episode 2: Give it a Whirlipede!
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