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 Sonic hero's Review

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PostSubject: Sonic hero's Review   Thu Oct 28, 2010 7:50 pm

Yello and welcome to my sonic hero's review
Anyway I am going to do this in 5 segments Story/Graphics/GamePlay/Music/Overall impression so let's begin
We begin with the story now there are 4 team story modes to play Team rose is Recomend for beginners(avoid if you hate omo choa and long winded tutorials)Team Chaotix for easy to intermediate players(Mainly mission based)Team Sonic for Intermediate to advanced,and Team Dark for Advanced Players.Now the main story is pretty much this 5 Month after the event of Sonic adventure 2 we have sonic traveling around the world where tails..and knuckles find him running though a barian waste land,Ok how did they find him....and why was sonic..you know what if we skip this now it will cause less confusion later.Where was I oh right tails delivers sonic a letter form Dr.eggman who for some reason gives them a letter that can talk and move?and tells them that he will take over the world in three days?Ok WHY TELL THEM THAT it is clear to me they had no idea
what you were doing it reminds me in the adventures of sonic the hedgehog where Dr.Robotnik outloud told sonic his plans sometimes even before he put them into action...ya smart move there Doc.Never mind so the 3 set off.At the same time
at the The Chaotix detective agency they get a mission from this wierd voice( We all know who it is)Anyway they set of to help him meanwhile we see rouge breaking into we presume to be one of eggman's many bases to find his secret treasure.There she find's this stautus pod with what looks like shadow....(wait I start to here epic backround music YAY)Well...back on topic
as she is freeing shadow a robot named 123 omega wakes up and locks on to her,but shadow come's to and get's her out of the way she stops them from going at each other then we getting a fade edit ya for cut's.Then we find out that shadow has no memory and omega is mad at eggy for locking him up she get's them to make up then they form team dark and head out to find eggman to get some answers and revenge MWHAHAHAH.Then we get team rose(uh this is going to be painful)
We see amy looking at a picture of sonic in the paper with what looks like a choa and a froggy(who is bigs friend froggy)?Ok whatever it blows away then cream catches it and tell's amy to be more careful.....you know what let's just cut to the chase
big wants to find froggy and cream wants to find cheese's brother Chocola umm yay for random 1 time charactor plot devices? Now on to graphics overall the graphics are nice and this is the very first sonic game to use properly produced CGI for the cutsence's however they are lacking a little in the models at times but that is rare overall the graphics are nice to look at. GamePlay It well left something to be desired it felt glitchy(especailly in rail canon)a few times they were unresponsive that lead to stupid death either a glitch or you were not paying attention.Overall I felt that these were not the best controls ever in fact they fell in quality slightly from SA2.However overall it was playable.
Ah music wonderful music now the overall stage music was nothing that impressing the only stage music that was really above the rest was the Power Plant ,Lost Jungle ,Mystic Mansion,and Bullet Station thats about it when it comes to the stage's
Now the team's theme's is were It get's awsome first we have Team Sonic's theme We Can by Ted Poley and Tony Harnell
this is second least favorite my least favorite is Team Roses theme Follow Me by Kay Hanley It is a good song but it still is not as good as I was hoping,Then We have This Machine By Julien K which is my third favorite track in the game it is a very nice song And I just love the Chorus We all danced in fire Trapped in this machine Don't know how long we've waited As the Eggman's watching We all danced in fire Looking through the screen Don't know how long we've waited As the Eggman watches ahh sweet Epicness,Then last of the team theme's we have Team Chaotix by Gunnar Nelson this song is my favorite in the game it is so catchy and fun to sing.As for the final boss theme 4 word's WHAT WERE MADE OF ya this song is my second favorite final boss theme in a sonic game the first one being With me From Sonic and the Black Knight,This song Define's Epicness it is just awsome even though the final boss Metel Overload was just ok.
Overall Impressions....good very good this game despite it being cheesy and somewhat childish it is fun to play the music while not the best soundtrack and most of the stage tracks just fade into your subconsinous and you end really not listening to them but the team theme's beside's follow me being outstanding to Epic. The game play glitchy and is unfair at times with a few times it being just a tad unresponsive overall playable. The graphics are the nicest from then down but are drowned out by the new game's like Sonic unleashed and soon to be out sonic color's overall very good.If I have to recommend the version I would play I would Most Likely play the gamecube version(I own all 5 version's of this game with the one on windows being my least favorite of the 5)the gamecube version just handles the best and it feels the best when using the gamecube controller if you don't have a gamecube I would pick up the Xbox 360 version because it has the second best controls while the playstation 2 and computer version control the worst in my honest opinion.Anyway if you see this game and you have about 10 or so bucks to spare(with it usally only costing about 7 or so at least for the gamecube version)I would Recommend picking this up if your a sonic fan it is a worthy title to be in your collection not up there with the great sa2 sa1 or sonic and knuckles it is still something I Would Check Out.
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PostSubject: Re: Sonic hero's Review   Thu Oct 28, 2010 8:00 pm

Oh nice review ...hmm i liked the ps2 version a little more than the xbox 360 version overall
and yes I hated team rose ugggg
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Sonic hero's Review
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