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 Me, Cheese, My friend...oh yeh, and our 'Adventure' 6

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PostSubject: Me, Cheese, My friend...oh yeh, and our 'Adventure' 6   Thu Oct 14, 2010 2:38 pm


Now you'll wonder what did happen previously, haha i made you wonder

Chapter 6- You can't spell bread without an...a?

And so the two girls and the Charmander set sail. Miku was in front pulling a piece of wood on some string, which the three Pokémon were sitting on. He didn't want to, but the miracles of mind control eh? And if you're wondering how they were sitting on the wood and weren't falling off, then we need to control your mind as well ¬¬

*Pokémon surfing music*

Shay: Where the hell is that music coming from?
Espy: One sec, i'll change channel

Espy kicks Miku's head a few times trying to find a song they all like -yeh, he was the radio- but stopped on AC/DC's 'Highway to hell'

Espy: meh, close enough
Shay: no Bob Marley?
Espy: ...no...
Shay: dammn...
Espy: Well looks like its Cin...Cin....uh, Shay what did that say?
Shay: hmm...bar maybe?
Charmander: Cinnabar!!!
Espy: First wo- HOW THE HELL DID HE GET TO LEVEL 14???
Shay: heh...funny story ^^;
Espy: yeeeaaah? ¬¬
Shay: Would you believe we got attacked by ninjas after space tea and biscuits and blinded us with their ninjaeryness
Espy: yup
Shay: really?
Espy: no
Shay: WEEELLLL, when you and Miku were arguing over something, i started toasting what i thought were marshmallows on his tail fire and he was like: 'rargh' so i gave him one and turns out they were rare candies
Espy: Space rare candies?
Shay: mhm...
Espy: kays, explains everything

Charmander: ^^
Shay & Espy: ¬¬
Miku: nyeh, i've just thought, what if there's swimmers nd such?
Espy: and...?
Miku: What if they want to battle?

Just like they predicted a swimmer caught up to them- well i say 'caught up to', they practically stalk you- and pulled a dumb face (i don't know, i just always imagined them to be like that)

Swimmer: HEYYY, YOU HAVE Pokémon!!
Miku: No...they're uh....my...i don't know them
Swimmer: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, whatever, let's battle!!
Shay: I am about to do what everyone, everywhere has wanted to do for a long...long..time...
Swimmer: Battle me?

And with that Miku was ordered to swim in the direction of Cinnabar Island, leaving the swimmer with a puzzled look on her face. Eventually they reached the edge of Cinnabar Island, in all its glory. Miku was soaked, and the rest of them were tired, it was now nightfall.

Shay: OMC, I SMELL TACOS....oh...oh...n-nevermind, its just Charmander
Espy: He'd go lovely with...hmm...idk, a roasted farfetch'd?
Shay: OOO leeks but nah, maybe a nice-
Charmander: *looks down at the floor*
Espy: Awwwwh, we didn't mean it, little guy
Shay: i did
Miku: He's tired, we should probably get to a Pokémon centre
Espy: A what, what?
Miku: You...know...nothing...
Shay: You know nothing of the way of the pancakes...
Miku: Guys, follow me, we're all tired and hungry

And so they followed Miku to the Pokémon centre and once they got inside they were 'greeted' by a girl sleeping on the front desk, she fell off as soon as she heard the door open.

Miku: Such a kind, loving nurse
Nurse Joy: ¬¬
Miku: To answer your question, i am Blue..
Espy: AHEM
Miku: NO
Espy: YES
Miku: NO
Espy: Your name is Miku, and you will get people to address you with this name, or i'll destroy your hometown, AND YOUR GNOMES
Shay, Charmander & Miku: NOOOOOOOOO NOT THE GNOMES!!
Nurse Joy: Um...Blue?
Miku:...it's Miku ¬¬
Nurse Joy: kayyy...well, i don't run this place like a hotel, but you're free to stay one night seen as it's so late, the spare room is upstaires
Miku: How did you know, we have no where to go?
Nurse Joy: Because you talk to yourself ¬¬

Espy and Shay walked upstaires and found the room. Charmander ran up the curtains and wouldn't come down. It took Miku and Nurse Joy two hours to get him down, but eventually they got him down with a toy magikarp which he wouldn't stop chewing, and refused to let go of it.

Nurse Joy: ...


P.S I won't be able to put up the 7th chapter for the 14th next month, because i have a MASSIVELY important maths exam on the 15th, and i'll probably be doing last minute revision for the entire day, so you'll just have to look out for it, it'll probably be out eariler, but you never know, and i fail at maths so i'm actually going to have to revise...and don't worry guys, not too many to go now, its getting a little boring i know, but i've had no help....but next one, i will get help with, so it'll be funny, promise ^^ Thanks for reading
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PostSubject: Re: Me, Cheese, My friend...oh yeh, and our 'Adventure' 6   Fri Oct 15, 2010 10:05 am

It was very funny, i lo9ld at many parts ^^

And i will wait till the next one, keep watching the topic views

Pm me or make a thread in suggestions section for anything you want!


-More images!

-PDCW 22% Complete!

-Vote for more in the suggestions section


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Administrator 1

Gender : Female
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Location : Mooooooo Jersey, in Alaska ....(where is Alaska?)

PostSubject: Re: Me, Cheese, My friend...oh yeh, and our 'Adventure' 6   Tue Oct 19, 2010 5:25 am

lol, good, good, thanks you very much ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Me, Cheese, My friend...oh yeh, and our 'Adventure' 6   

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Me, Cheese, My friend...oh yeh, and our 'Adventure' 6
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