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 Hoenn Journeys part 5 O: WITH CONTEST!

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PostSubject: Hoenn Journeys part 5 O: WITH CONTEST!   Mon Sep 20, 2010 10:38 am

Hello everyone! Last time, our hero battle a Pokémon trainer, named reece. It ended with a tie, after the battle, reece became a rival of blake. We continue....Hey! Theres a contest! scroll down for more info!

*In odale towns Pokémon center*
blake:sigh, i wonder if that battle was to much for mudkip....
Nurse Joy:There ya go, all better. Take good are of mudkip, Blake!
*Mudkip jumps onto blakes shoulder*
Blake:hahahaha! thanks nurse joy!
*blake sees a group of people standing in front of some poster*
Man:Isn't that awesome!?! im gonna get all of them!
Girl:no, i will!
*blake and mudkip push in to the group of people
Blake:Whats that?
Man:Whats that? WHATS THAT!?!?!? ill tell you "whats that"! The Hoenn gyms are finaly opend! Who gets all 8 badges from the gyms all over hoenn, gets to challenge the elite four! heh, but a noob like you would never do that! am i right?
Mudkip:MADKIP! Evil or Very Mad
Girl:yeah, will see about that, noob!
*blake and mudkip run out of the Pokémon center*
Blake:awwww man, i don't even know where the first gym is! sigh... mudkip, where do you think we should go?
*mudkip points at route 102*
Blake:Well, if you think its that way.. lets go!
*blake and mudkip head to route 102*

Hey, you, yeah you!~Are you a fan of Blake and mudkips adventures? If you are, this contest is good for you! THE GRAND PRIZE IS BLAKES MUDKIP! all you need is Pokémon Dimond, pearl, platnium, HG,SS black or wight, a nintendo ds and wi fi connection! To win mudkip, all you need to do is answer 4 questions from the hoenn journeys saga! first one to comment the good answers wins! here are the questions!

1.)Blakes childhood friend is...?
2.)How did blake find out that prof. birch was atacked?
3.)What Pokémon did blakes childhood friend choose?
4.)What moves did combusken and mudkip use to make a explosion?

So, what are you waiting for? Mudkip is waiting! comment the answers!
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The Founder of the site
The Founder of the site

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PostSubject: Re: Hoenn Journeys part 5 O: WITH CONTEST!   Mon Sep 20, 2010 2:28 pm

Ummm ME ME ME!

1. Brendan
2. Pokegear call by Brendan
3. Treecko
4. Water gun and Flamethrower =3

Pm me or make a thread in suggestions section for anything you want!


-More images!

-PDCW 22% Complete!

-Vote for more in the suggestions section


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Hoenn Journeys part 5 O: WITH CONTEST!
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