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 Hoenn jouneys Part 3 =D

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PostSubject: Hoenn jouneys Part 3 =D   Tue Sep 14, 2010 6:05 am

Last time, our hero has obtained Mudkip, the Water type Pokémon, as his starter Pokémon, But hes not the olny one... Bredan obtained trecko. so we continue...

Prof. Birch:So, The nearest town is odale Town. Over theres a pokemart, so stock up on items and you can start your journy!
*Mudkip and treecko look up into the sxy and cries:*
Blake:Huh? whats up mudkip?
*everyone looks in the sky as a wierd Pokémon flies by*
Bredan:What is that?
Prof. Birch:It... It can't be....
*The mistyrios Pokémon flies to route 131*
Prof.BirchThe lengendary Pokémon.... Rayquaza... has been awaken? but how.....?
Bredan:Wa... WHAT?
Prof. Birch: Nevermind... you two need to go now..
*prof.birch birchs goes back inside to the lab*
Bredan:Hey blake! that must be a awesome and strong Pokémon! one day I'll catch it!
Blake:.... Rayquaza.....
Bredan:Anyways Blake, im going! catch ya later! lets go trecko!
*Bredan runs toward odale town*
Blake:Well, mudkip, this is it.... goodbye littleroot Town!
Mudkip:Madkip! maadkip!
*The two walk into route 101..."
?????:Hey! Stop right there!

Who could that be? i guess we shall find out in episode 4..... Stay tooned!
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Hoenn jouneys Part 3 =D
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