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 Jimbster Pokémon Saga - Chapter 27 - Final Conclusion! Who will win?

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PostSubject: Jimbster Pokémon Saga - Chapter 27 - Final Conclusion! Who will win?   Tue Aug 03, 2010 3:48 pm

Erika: Lets decide this match once and for all.
Referee: Now a one-one battle!
Jimbster: What is she going to choose?
Erika: Goo! Victreebell!
Victrebell: Bell! (Hungry.)
Jimbster: Woah what is that?
PokeDex: Victreebell, Victrebell is the final evolved form of Bellsprout, They are very deadly if anyone touches its leaf.
Jimbster: Alright Farfetch'd lets do this!

-Final Round-
Erika: Good luck Jimbster!
Jimbster: Thanks!
Referee: Battle Begin!
Jimbster: Farfetch'd! Use Peck Attack!
Farfetch'd: Far! (Attack)
Erika: Quick. Use Vine whip!
Victrebell: Bell. (Take this)

Jimbster: Woah! What a collision!
Erika: Now use Sleep Power.
Jimbster: Dodge it! and use Peck attack!
Farfetch'd: Farrrrr fetch! (Peck!)
Victrebell: Belll! (Oww)
Erika: Type advantage won't work for a long time.
Jimbster: I need more strength...... But what.... Wait a min!
-Checks PokeDex-
PokeDex: Farfetch'd knows: Peck, Leaf Blade and Swords Dance
Jimbster: Wait thats it!
Erika: Give up now?
Jimbster: No Way! Swords Dance Farfetch'd!
Farfetch'd: Far! (Dance)
Erika: What it doing? Use Vine whip.
Victreebell: Bell! (Take this!)
Farfetch'd: FeeetcH! (Oww)
Jimbster: Once more, Swords Dance.
Farfetch'd: Far far far far fetch! (Dance dance dance!)
Erika: Use Leaf Storm!
Victrebell: Belll! (Leaf storm!)
Jimbster: Dodge and use Swords Dance
Erika: Solar beam.
Victrebell: Viiiiictree.... (Charge)
Jimbster: Just what I wanted! Peck Attack!
Farfetch'd: FARRRRRRR (Die!)
Victrebell: BELLLL! (OWW)

Erika: Oh no!
Jimbster: Yes!
Victrebell: Victrebelllllll...... (Out)
Referee: Victrebell is unable to battle! Jimbster wins!
Erika: Well done Jimbster. Here you go. The Badge.
Jimbster: Thanks. Great battle.
Umbreon: Breon! (Yay!)
Farfetch'd: Fetch! (Yipee!)
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Jimbster Pokémon Saga - Chapter 27 - Final Conclusion! Who will win?
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