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 Jimbster Pokémon Saga - Chapter 26 - Eraika! or Erika....

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PostSubject: Jimbster Pokémon Saga - Chapter 26 - Eraika! or Erika....   Tue Aug 03, 2010 3:37 pm

Jimbster: Morning!
Umbreon: Breon (Yaaaaawn)
Nurse Joy: Who are you battling today?
Jimbster: Erika!
Nurse Joy: Good luck!
Erika: Hello Jimbster
Jimbster: Hello.
Erika: Ready for the battle?
Jimbster: Yes.
Erika: Good. Lets go outside.

-Leaves Pokémon Center-
Referee: Ready! This is a 3-3 Match against Jimbster from Shrewsbury Town and Erika the Gym Leader. No Substitutions! Let the battle Begin!
Bulbasaur: Bulba saur! (Bulbasaur!)
Erika: I choose Venusaur!
Venusaur: Saur! (Rooar!)
Jimbster: Oh..... crumbs.
PokeDex: Venusaur, The Final Evolved form of Bulbasaur, Venusaur bulb on the back has fully Developed, Venusaur is alot stronger with Grass type attacks.

-Round one-
Referee: Battle Begin!
Erika: Venusaur! Use Frenzy Plant!
Venusaur: VENUS (Frenzy Plant)
Jimbster: Woah its Frenzy Plant!
Venusaur: Saur! (FRENZY PLANT!)
Jimbster: Dodge Quickly!
Bulbasaur: BULBA SAUR! (Dodges)
Erika: Dam!
Jimbster: Now use Tackle attack!
Bulbasaur: Bulba sauuru!
Venusaur: VENUUS AUUR! (Oww!)
Jimbster: hehehe, Its got to recharge, Now Bulbasaur! Use Vine Whip!
Venusaur: Venusaur? (Seriously?)
Erika: Bad strategy.
Jimbster: What it did nothing?!
Erika: You have to do better than that! Venusaur! Use Hyper Beam!
Bulbasaur: Bulba sauuuur.... (Owned)
Referee: Bulbasaur is unable to battle! Venusaur wins!
Jimbster: Bulbasaur Return!

-Round two-
Jimbster: Growlithe! I choose you!
Growlithe: Growl! (Rage)
PokeDex: Growlithe has learnt Aerial Ace!
Jimbster: Aerial ace? Woah!
Growlithe: Growl! (Woo!)
Jimbster: All Right Growlithe! Aerial Ace!
Growlithe: Growwwl! (Aerial Ace!)
Venusaur: Venuuuuusaur! (Ouch)
Erika: Oh no! Venusaur return!
Referee: Venusaur is unable to battle, Growlithe wins!

-Round three-
Erika: You’ve got me there, Go.. Tangela!
Jimbster: Whats that?
PokeDex: Tangela, A Grass type Pokémon, Tangela are known to be completely covered with Grass, It evolves into Tangrowth
Erika: Tangela! Use Giga Drain!
Tangela: Tannnngela! (Hungry)
Jimbster: Growlithe! Stand firm! Use Flame Wheel!
Erika: We’ll show you! Counter with Tackle Attack
Tangela: Tannnnge! (That’s what she said)
Growlithe: Growwl! (Stupid poof)
Growlithe: Growwwwlithe….. (Ouchies)
Refere: Growlithe is unable to battle! Tangela Wins!

-Round Four-
Jimbster: Watch this! Go Farfetch’d!
Farfetch’d: FAR! FETCH!
Erika: I figured as much.

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Jimbster Pokémon Saga - Chapter 26 - Eraika! or Erika....
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