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 Rumoured News

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PostSubject: Rumoured News   Mon Jul 12, 2010 6:33 am

I've got this from serebii, and, as it would apear we have some possible news on the 5th generation games, Pokemonn black and white.This news all seems good but we will wait to see if its real

  • First
    is a DSi & 3DS exclusive feature; the Live Caster. This
    feature, after obtained in the game, will allow you to have video chats
    with your friends. This is limited to 4-player over local wireless and 2
    player over Wi-Fi. Only the DSi can utilise this feature so if you
    don't have a DSi or a 3DS in the future, you cannot use this feature
  • In a manner similar to what was described as a 3DS feature, there is
    also a Pass By mode which, utilising the C Gear, has you connect
    with other players when you walk by them. This will aid them and you in
    various means, the extent of which is not yet known
  • It also confirms that the order in which your Pokémon are in during
    Triple Battles will help determine the damage calculations for attacks
    that hit multiple Pokémon
  • In the High Link feature, it appears to be a massive
    overworld hub in which you can go up to other players and offer
    assistance in the form of missions. The High Link is located within the
    middle of the Isshu region
  • In addition to that, we did accidentally got Rankurusu
    (ランクルス) & Gochiruzeru (ゴチルゼル) names mixed up. Rankurusu is
    the Green Pokémon and Gochiruzeru is Black humanshape Pokémon.
  • There is an attack known by Gochiruzeru called Magic Room
    (マジックルーム) which negates the effects of any Items on both you and the

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Rumoured News
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