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Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Game Freak
Genre: Role-Playing
Release Date: Apr 30, 2005 (more)



If you've played either Ruby or Sapphire you'll be familiar with Team Magma and Team Aqua. Both teams are trying to awake the elusive Pokemon, Kygore and Groudon. Although instead of just having to fight one group villains, you'll have to fight both at the same time. As you race to stop both Teams from reaching their Pokemon, you'll be exploring the world of Hoenn. Although this is the same world from the other two games, there are a couple of new locations to visit. One of the most interesting ones is the brand new Battle Dome. The new battle dome has you use three of your trained pokemon in a tournament style battle.

On top of the new battle dome mode Pokemon Emerald will have plenty of Pokemon battling and fighting for you to do. If you've ever played a Pokemon game before you pretty much no what to expect. You'll almost always be battling Pokemon. Its either going to be dueling wild Pokemon found in the fields or competing in a trainer battle where you get to take on a couple of Pokemon in a row. In battle you'll be able to select a Pokemon to attack with, then you can select different attacks that your creature has learned. The attack system in Pokemon has always been a complex rock-paper-scissors system where attacks of a certain element can cause more damage than another. For instance water can extinguish fire monsters and hand to hand based fighting pokemon have an edge on rock pokemon. As you battle your Pokemon they gain valuable experience to make them stronger. More experience leads to higher levels and eventually new abilities. One of the unique features in the Pokemon series is that some Pokemon will get the ability to evolve into a larger, stronger Pokemon. New to the Ruby and Sapphire series were the two on two battles. This feature has been reworked in Pokemon Emerald because now trainers can jump in mid battle. This new feature can completely turn the entire course of the battle around. There are also new trainer types and new trainer combinations to play with.

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